Keith Rush - Biography
 Keith began his broadcasting career on Febuary 16, 1952 at the age of 20 left New Orleans for full time position, KLOU in Lake Charles, Louisiana... Keith is considered by many as the "Father of Talk Radio" in New Orleans, Louisiana. 1st "Honorary" member of LSU statewide Alumni Association in history of LSU. Received many awards, but most proud of Freedom's Foundation Award 1972 for fight against "Filth" in radio and television. Representatives came to New Orleans Louisiana to make the presentation. During period 1953 - 1956 (still broadcasting) booked acts on the Louisiana Hayride, such as George Jones, Johnny Cash, The Browns and brought Elvis Presley to New Orleans (1954) for 1st apperance ever. (Lost Money)   1957 - 1959 United States Army 4th Infantry Division Fort Lewis Washington, 2 years active duty.
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Trump Campaign: Video Shows Clinton Coordinated With Liberal Group To Incite Crowds
Donald Trump’s campaign charged Monday that new undercover video shot by a conservative activist proves Hillary Clinton “directly” coordinated with a liberal group that’s been accused of inciting violence at Trump rallies. The latest video from Project Veritas allegedly showed a Democratic operative – who previously had been linked to individuals accused of planting provocateurs at Trump events – bragging about receiving orders from Clinton to deploy Donald Duck-suited protesters to Trump events. “In a totally disqualifying act that is a violent threat to our democracy, Hillary Clinton directly involved herself in inciting violence directed at Trump supporters,” Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller said in a statement, demanding an investigation.  Fox News

'We Need To Clean This Up': Clinton Aide Cried Foul On Obama's Email Denial
One of Hillary Clinton’s top aides urged colleagues to “clean this up” after President Obama claimed in March 2015 he only learned of Clinton’s private email system from news reports -- a statement the aide pointedly challenged by noting the president "has emails" from her non-department address. The directive from Cheryl Mills, one of the Democratic presidential nominee’s most trusted aides, was revealed Tuesday in the newest batch of Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails posted by anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks. It is one of several showing how Clinton's inner circle scrambled to correct the record after Obama's initial remarks. The hacked Mills message stems from a discussion on March 7, 2015, the night Obama told CBS News he found out about Clinton’s email system "the same time everybody else learned it through news reports." Fox News

Trump: 'My Employees Are Having A Tremendous Problem With Obamacare'
Donald Trump claimed Tuesday during an event with staff at his resort here that his employees are having issues with Obamacare -- an account contradicted by his property's general manager -- amid the news that President Barack Obama's signature health care legislation is facing soaring premiums. "I can say that all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with Obamacare," Trump said. "What they're going through with their health care is horrible because of Obamacare, so we'll repeal it and replace it." The Republican presidential nominee's comments come one day after a government report revealed premiums are set to rise an average of 22% for the benchmark silver place in 2017. The benchmark Obamacare plan will cost an average of $296 a month next year. CNN

Most See A Hillary Clinton Victory And A Fair Count Ahead
Almost 7 in 10 voters nationwide say they think Hillary Clinton will win the presidency next month, but most say that if that happens, Donald Trump will not accept the results and concede, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. Americans overall are more confident that the nation's votes for president will be cast and counted accurately this year than they were in 2008. Whatever the outcome, however, nearly 8 in 10 say that once all the states have certified their vote counts, the losing candidate has an obligation to accept the results and concede to the winner. Expectations that the Democratic Party's presidential nominee will win are widespread and growing. The 68% who say they expect a Clinton win now is up from 59% around Labor Day and 55% back in June just after the primaries ended. Republicans and Trump supporters are the sole groups, among which less than half think Clinton will ultimately win. CNN

US Official: Russia Might Shoot Down US Aircraft In Syria
Russia could shoot down a U.S. aircraft if a no-fly zone were imposed over Syria, National Intelligence Director James Clapper said Tuesday. "I wouldn't put it past them to shoot down an American aircraft if they felt that was threatening to their forces on the ground," Clapper said, speaking with CBS' Charlie Rose at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York about several national security issues. Russia has deployed a very advanced and capable air defense system in Syria and would not have done that if it wouldn't use it, Clapper said. The Obama administration has refrained from setting up a no-fly, or safe, zone for civilians in Syria partly because of the complexity in staffing and enforcing it and the potential for direct military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called for a no-fly zone over parts of Syria. Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence has also called for a no-fly zone over Syria, but Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, has yet to take a firm position. Philadelphia Inquirer

Hurricane Season: End In Sight?
Haitian houses destroyed by Matthew; fortunately, Atlantic hurricane season is winding down. After making landfall on Florida as a major hurricane, Wilma — perhaps the most-underrated tropical storm on record — regained its Category 3 strength out over the Atlantic on this date in 2005. Wilma came near the end of an unimaginably deadly and destructive hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin, and was overshadowed by its devastating predecessor, Katrina. As Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist who is the National Hurricane Center’s spokesman, points out, it doesn’t take a major hurricane, one with winds of at least 111 m.p.h.  to cause major trauma – see Sandy and Matthew. Hurricane categories are governed solely by wind, not by other factors such as inland flooding, and for now the Saffir-Simpson wind scale is the only one available. Philadelphia Inquirer

Florida Takes Center Stage As Election Day Draws Closer
The presidential candidates zeroed in on the crucial swing state of Florida on Tuesday, with Donald Trump making his fifth appearance there in three days and Hillary Clinton holding rallies Tuesday and Wednesday. The GOP nominee appeared in Sanford and launched familiar attacks on the media and Clinton, predicting victory in the Sunshine State despite lagging in the state’s polls. “In 14 days, we’re going to win the state of Florida. The lines at the voting booths [for early balloting] are record. I noticed a lot of people on line, they’re wearing the red [Make America Great Again] hats . . . buttons all over the place,” he said, blaming his poll numbers on the press. NY Post


Military Leaders: ‘We’re Seeing A Lot Of Interest’ From Women Looking To Join Combat Units
During a panel discussion Monday at the Center for a New American Security, top military leaders said they are seeing “a lot of interest” from women who want to join combat units. “The Army strategy was to try to build the leadership cadre before really trying to move out training on a larger scale, and we knew it would take some time. All these things take a little time,” Army Secretary Eric Fanning said. “People need to see … that we are sticking with it, but we’ve seen a lot of interest. “We have women leaving West Point, branching into combat arms, but we knew it was going to be slow at first. All the numbers, all the data that we had told us that it was gonna start slowly, but we think it’s moving at the pace … we anticipated it would,” he said. CNS News

Single Provider: 5 States Will Have Only 1 Obamacare Insurance Provider
Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Wyoming—will have only one insurance company offering plans through the Obamacare health insurance exchange in 2017, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. “In states that use, the average number of insurers participating in the marketplace will be 3.9 in 2017 (down from 5.4 companies per state in 2016, 5.9 in 2015 and 4.5 in 2014),” said KFF. “Marketplace insurer participation in states using in 2017 ranges from 1 company in Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Wyoming, to 15 companies in Wisconsin,” said KFF. CNS NEws

Clinton Slams Trump For Comments On Offensive Against Islamic State
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed rival Donald Trump on Monday for saying that the week-old effort to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the control of Islamic State was going badly. “He’s basically declaring defeat before the battle has even started,” Clinton said at a campaign event in New Hampshire. “He’s proving to the world what it means to have an unqualified commander in chief.” In a tweet on Sunday, Trump, the Republican nominee for the Nov. 8 election, said the “attack on Mosul is turning out to be a total disaster. We gave them months of notice. U.S. is looking so dumb.” Reuters

Americans’ Salaries Can’t Keep Up With Rising Medical Costs
Americans are spending more of their paychecks on health insurance because stagnant wages aren’t keeping up with spiraling medical costs, according to a new study. A report being issued Wednesday by The Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan research foundation, found that premiums and deductibles grabbed 6.5  percent of workers’ paychecks in 2006, growing to 8.4 percent in 2010 and 10.1 percent in 2015. And that doesn’t include co-pays for doctors’ visits and prescription drugs. “Employees are facing a bigger burden today relative to a few years ago,” said Commonwealth president David Blumenthal. “More money is coming out of every paycheck” to cover medical costs. NY Post

Record Gift To UW: $210M From Gates Foundation Toward Bold Goal Of Improving World’s Health
A bold initiative by the University of Washington to improve the health of all the world’s people is getting a big boost from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is writing a $210?million check to build a home for the project — the largest single donation the UW has ever received. The new building will house many of the players in the UW’s Population Health Initiative, announced in May by UW President Ana Mari Cauce and envisioned as a major focus of the UW’s faculty, researchers and students for the next 25 years. Virtually every college and department at the university is expected to play some kind of role. Cauce believes we are at a point in history when research, big data and technology can all come together to diagnose the health of an entire community and write a kind of prescription that will improve the well-being of everyone living there. Seattle Times

Newt Gingrich To Megyn Kelly: You're 'Fascinated With Sex'
Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich has told Fox News host Megyn Kelly she is "fascinated with sex" amid criticism of her coverage of sexual misconduct accusations against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. The heated exchange came Tuesday night on Kelly's program. Kelly responded to Gingrich's comment with a chuckle and asked, "really?" She went on to say she's "not fascinated by sex," but is "fascinated by the protection of women" and added that she had a responsibility to cover the accusations. Gingrich accused Kelly of under covering Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's remarks in paid private speeches. He also accused her of ignoring former President Bill Clinton's sexual history. Tampa Tribune

Most Guns Used In N.Y. Crimes Are From Out Of State: Report
Six out of seven handguns connected to recent crimes in New York state were brought in from elsewhere, the state's attorney general said on Tuesday in a report on suspected gun trafficking along the U.S. East Coast. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said his office had used federal data not available to the public to determine where some 46,514 firearms tied to crimes from 2010 to 2015 had been purchased. According to the report, some 86 percent of handguns recovered by law enforcement agencies were from out of state. Reuters


Trump Cites Police, Military, ICE Endorsements That Didn't Happen
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump frequently touts his support among law enforcement and military figures. On Monday, he told News4Jax that the United States military "conceptually" endorsed him and that "virtually every police department" in the country backed his bid for the presidency. During last week's third debate, Trump said his hardline stance on immigration and pledge to build a border wall had earned him an endorsement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But none of that is true. MSNBC

Trump Tells Reporters To 'Ask Obama' About Rigged Elections
Donald Trump on Tuesday responded to reporters' questions about the validity of this election by telling media to ask President Obama. "Ask Obama. Tell him to look at his tape when he was running eight years ago," Trump said when asked if he thought this election would be stolen from him. He ignored further questions on the topic while walking inside his Doral resort, specifically if the 2008 election was rigged and if the Senate races this cycle were rigged, as well. It was the first time Trump had taken questions from reporters since the first presidential debate. In fact, Trump ignored almost all other questions on the scandals plaguing his campaign - including his abrupt about face on Obama's birthplace and the 11 women accusing him of groping and sexual assault. He did respond to questions about how he was doing in Florida — "I think we're leading" and "I think we're winning" — as well as how Obamacare needed to be repealed and replaced. MSNBC

WikiLeaks Email: ‘Secret S-t’ Within Clinton World Frustrates Hillary’s Campaign Manager
The internal dynamics of Hillary Clinton’s top advisors in February 2015 included “secret s—t” that frustrated campaign manager Robby Mook. Some of the 25,000 leaked documents belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta show Mr. Mook venting about the actions of Cheryl Mills and staffer Heather Samuelson. The vetting process for new hires was seemingly circumvented by Mrs. Mills, who engaged in “secret investigations” without his knowledge. “Do you guys know what this is regarding?” Mr. Mook wrote on Feb. 23, 2015, in response to an email from Mrs. Samuelson. Washington Times

New Clinton Ads Lay Out Closing Arguments For Campaign
Hillary Clinton is out with two new ads in the final days of the presidential race. A campaign official says the ads are part of a final series laying out a closing argument for the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign. One ad features Clinton discussing her plans to help children and families if she's elected president. The second ad is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman and contrasts Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Freeman says: "Our children are looking to us. What example will we set?"
The campaign says the ads will air in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania and on national cable. Tampa Tribune

How 75 Pending Lawsuits Could Distract A Donald Trump Presidency
On the first anniversary of the start of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump spent much of the day in a setting he knows well — a room full of high-priced lawyers battling out a civil lawsuit. Trump paused his campaigning June 16 to answer questions under oath in one of his lawsuits against two celebrity chefs. He had sued Geoffrey Zakarian and José Andrés after they backed out of a restaurant deal in response to Trump’s inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants. The two-hour deposition was at least the third time Trump had to leave the campaign trail to be deposed by attorneys in one of his organization’s many lawsuits. USA Today

For The Record: The Perpetual Death Of The GOP
The GOP is dead! This isn't anything new, though. It's been dead since Abraham Lincoln, the original bearded hipster, was taking illegal voting-booth selfies in the 1850s. It's just taking a while for the word to get around, that's all. In other news, the average Affordable Care Act premium will be up 22 to 25% next year, and a USA TODAY investigation finds that Trump's companies are fighting as many contractors as humanly possible. Let's get to the details ... USA Today

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Berkeley Protesters Form Human Chain To Stop White Students From Getting To Class
Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a day of protest on Friday to demand the creation of additional “safe spaces” for transgender and nonwhite students, during which a human chain was formed on a main campus artery to prevent white students from getting to class. The demonstrators were caught on video blocking Berkeley’s Sather Gate, holding large banners advocating the creation of physical spaces segregated by race and gender identity, including one that read “Fight 4 Spaces of Color.” Protesters can be heard shouting “Go around!” to white students who attempt to go through the blockade, while students of color are greeted with calls of “Let him through!” Washington Times

Donald Trump Denounces Obamacare, While Touting His Golf Course In Florida
Flanked by dozens of his employees at Trump National Doral golf course in Florida, the Republican nominee seized on Monday’s announcement that Obamacare premiums would increase by double digits. “This election is going to be about Obamacare -- it’s going to be about jobs; it’s going to be about a lot of things,” Trump said. “But Obamacare is just blowing up, and even the White House, our president, announced 25 or 26 percent. That number is so wrong. That is such a phony number.  You’re talking about 60,70, 80 percent in increases, not 25 percent.” The federal government announced Monday that the average premium increase would be 25 percent for plans across the 39 states that are run by the federal government. CBS

Swedish Industry Laments New Rules On Drones With Cameras
A Swedish industry group says a court ruling that drones with cameras must have a license under the country's surveillance laws "is a huge blow" to recreational and commercial users. Gustav Gerdes, head of Unmanned Aerial System Sweden, says Friday's decision by the Supreme Administrative Court could put 5,000 jobs in danger — from drone operators to those handling footage. He said Wednesday that Sweden was among the first countries to ban camera drones with no surveillance license, adding permits can be expensive and difficult to get. The European Aviation Safety Agency recently released a rough, non-binding text for drone regulation, leaving it up to EU members states to decide whether to require licenses for drones with cameras. Atlanta Journal

Pope Calls For Generosity In Italy Over Migrants
The pope has appealed for openness and generosity over immigration as Italy grapples with how to accommodate a growing number of migrants. Pope Francis' appeal on Wednesday came the day after residents of an Adriatic coastal town formed a blockade to prevent the arrival of 12 female migrants, one of them pregnant, who were to be housed in a hostel. In the face of resistance, officials found lodging elsewhere. Francis said that "in every age, the phenomenon of immigration calls for a response of openness and solidarity. In our own day, the growing influx of refugees fleeing war, famine and poverty is a summons to welcome and care for these brothers and sisters." The reaction of residents of Goro, in Ferrara province, has been widely criticized. Houston Chronicle

Trump's Infrequent Remarks On Abortion Draw Strong Reactions
Only rarely has Donald Trump broached the topic of abortion during his presidential campaign. Twice, when he has done so, there has been stormy reaction. Back in March, in an interview with MSNBC, Trump said women should face "some sort of punishment" if they had an abortion in the event the practice was outlawed. Anti-abortion leaders swiftly repudiated him, and he soon backtracked, saying doctors should be punished, but not the women getting abortions. Last week, in the third and final presidential debate, Trump ignited another firestorm as he sought to undercut Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, for her strong support for abortion rights. Houston Chronicle

Clinton No Longer Shying Away From Dealing The "Woman Card"
Hillary Clinton is not shying away from dealing her Republican challenger the “woman card” as she pulls ahead in the polls, joining a group of women lawmakers to rally around women’s rights and to speak out against Trump. At the start of the presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton was reluctant to draw too much attention to her gender, to imply that people should vote for her because she is a woman. But now with two weeks to go, those concerns have largely fallen away as she and her top women supporters call on the sisterhood to see her through, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes. CBS


The Possible Media Ambitions Behind The Trump Campaign's New Live Show
The new nightly Facebook Live show that Trump advisers have launched ahead of the final two weeks of the campaign may signal a foray into a formal media presence, but the transition from political campaign to cable news show — or even channel — has been tried before, without great success. When asked if the live show, dubbed "Trump Tower Live," was a precursor or test case for a larger, post-election media operation, Trump communications adviser Cliff Sims said, "this effort is a result of conversations that took place inside the communications team on how to best utilize Mr. Trump's massive online platforms to reach people with his message." ABC

Despite Warnings, Extremely Dangerous Air Bags Not Repaired
Owners of more than 300,000 Hondas have yet to get their air bags repaired, despite warnings from the automaker and regulators that the inflators have an extremely high chance of rupturing and causing injury or even death. Last week authorities said one of those air bags, equipped with an inflator made by Takata Corp., ruptured and killed a California woman, adding urgency to the search for the noncompliant vehicles. About 69 million Takata inflators have been recalled due to possible rupture. In June, government regulators said testing showed that inflators in 313,000 older Hondas and Acuras had as high as a 50 percent chance of rupturing in a crash. The regulators told owners of the cars to stop driving them and get them repaired. But four months later, only 13,000 of the cars have been repaired. ABC

Uber Self-Driving Truck Packed With Budweiser Makes First Delivery In Colorado
A tractor trailer full of beer drove itself down Colorado's I-25 last week with nobody behind the wheel. Uber Technologies Inc. and Anheuser-Busch InBev NV teamed up on the delivery, which they said is the first time a self-driving truck had been used to make a commercial shipment. With a police cruiser in tow, the 18-wheeler cruised more than 120 miles while a truck driver hung out back in the sleeper cab, the companies said. The delivery appears to be mostly a stunt—proof that Otto, the self-driving vehicle group that Uber acquired in July, could successfully put an autonomous truck into the wild. "We wanted to show that the basic building blocks of the technology are here; we have the capability of doing that on a highway," said Lior Ron, the president and co-founder of Uber's Otto unit. "We are still in the development stages, iterating on the hardware and software." Bloomberg

Trump Touts Hotel As Pence Heads To Utah In Waning Days
Donald Trump is taking a break from campaigning Wednesday to formally open his new hotel in Washington, while dispatching his running mate to play political defense in Utah — which hasn't backed a Democrat for president in 52 years. The odd travel schedule a dozen days before the Nov. 8 election illustrates a Republican ticket pulled in two directions while Democrat Hillary Clinton surges. Trump's priority Wednesday is clear: His personal brand and business, while Indiana Gov. Mike Pence tries to boost the ticket where no Republican should have to. "I don't really believe the polls, but this looks like a tight race," said Trump supporter Susan Donaldson, 55, who worried at a Tuesday afternoon rally in Sanford, Florida, that the GOP nominee may be spreading himself too thin. "Can he be taking time out like that?" Charlotte Observer

Justin Timberlake’s Ballot Selfie Highlights Mixed Laws
Now even Justin Timberlake has been forced to deal with the question of whether a ballot selfie is legal. Timberlake flew from California to Tennessee to vote early this week, but his posting of an image of himself at the voting booth on Instagram on Monday drew questions about whether he was breaking the law. A Tennessee law that took effect earlier this year bars voters from taking photographs or video while they’re inside a polling location. While secrecy in the voting booth has become a thing of the past for those ready to share their views and daily lives on social media, laws nationwide are mixed on whether voters are allowed to take pictures of themselves voting and their ballots. Charlotte Observer

Can Oral Sex Increase Your Risk For Cancer?
Oral cancer is on the rise in American men - jumping 61 percent from 2011 to 2015, according to a new analysis of insurance claims. The most dramatic increases were in throat cancer and tongue cancer, and the data show that claims were nearly three times as common in men as in women during that same period with a split of 74 percent to 26 percent. The startling numbers - published in a report on Tuesday by FAIR Health an independent nonprofit - are based on a database of more than 21 billion privately billed medical and dental claims. They illustrate both the cascading effect of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the United States and our changing sexual practices. Kansas City Star

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Stocks Advance Amid Takeover Deals, Earnings; Treasuries Decline
Stocks advanced as a flurry of deals spurred optimism in equity markets amid earnings reports. Treasuries dropped as economic data bolstered the case for higher U.S. interest rates this year. The MSCI All Country World Index extended last week’s gains after companies from Rockwell Collins Inc. to TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. announced takeovers, and T-Mobile US Inc. surged on better-than-estimated results. U.S. government debt fell after a manufacturing gauge climbed to a one-year high, while Spanish and Portuguese bonds rose as political and economic risks across the euro region diminished. The offshore yuan slid to a record low as Chinese policy makers signaled they are willing to allow greater currency declines. Oil sank as Iraq threatened to derail the OPEC’s plan to stabilize crude markets. Bloomberg

Fearing Election Day Trouble, Some U.S. Schools Cancel Classes
Rigged elections. Vigilante observers. Angry voters. The claims, threats and passions surrounding the presidential race have led communities around the U.S. to move polling places out of schools or cancel classes on Election Day. The fear is that the ugly rhetoric of the campaign could escalate into confrontations and even violence in school hallways, endangering students. "If anybody can sit there and say they don't think this is a contentious election, then they aren't paying much attention," said Ed Tolan, police chief in this seaside community, which decided to call off classes on Election Day and put additional officers on duty Nov. 8. School officials already are on edge because of the shootings and threats that have become all too common. They point to the recent firebombing of a Republican Party office in one North Carolina county and the shooting-up of another with a BB gun as the type of trouble they fear on Election Day. Las Vegas Sun

Trump: ‘No Interest’ In Trump TV; Campaign Debuts Show
Donald Trump said Tuesday he has no interest in a "Trump TV" media venture should he lose the election, a notion that has persisted this week after a television-like alternative to the network nightly news programs began streaming on his Facebook page. The inaugural "Live From Trump Tower," an online program hosted by Trump campaign surrogates Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims, directly competed Monday with the ABC, CBS and NBC national newscasts and their increasingly gloomy assessments of the Republican presidential candidate's chances of winning the upcoming election. The program, expected to air eight more times before the election, is collaboration between the campaign and a fledgling company that has been streaming Trump's campaign rallies online for more than a year. Some see it as a precursor to a future Trump media company, although the candidate threw cold water on the idea in an interview with Cincinnati WLW radio interviewer Scott Sloan. Las Vegas Sun

Judge Approves $14.7B Settlement For Emissions Scandal
A federal judge on Tuesday approved a pricey settlement between German automaker Volkswagen AG and U.S. regulators and customers for the emissions scandal that rocked the company last year. District Court Judge Charles Breyer said the deal, in which VW will pay nearly $15 billion, "is fair, adequate, and reasonable and is in the best interest of Class Members." The $14.7 billion settlement was introduced this summer and Breyer said last week that he was leaning toward approving it. About $10 billion is earmarked for buying back or repairing the affected vehicles -- almost a half-million 2-liter diesel engine cars sold between 2009 and 2015. UPI

Zika Virus Will 'Become Endemic,’ CDC Leader Says
The nation’s highest ranking infectious disease expert delivered some sobering news on Zika to a Miami audience on Tuesday, telling them that the mosquito-borne virus is more widespread than Florida health officials have reported and that the rapid spread of pathogens such as Zika represents “the new normal” in an age of global travel and trade, booming cities and climate change. “Here’s the plain truth: that Zika and other diseases spread by Aedes aegypti [mosquito species] are really not controllable with current technologies. So we will see this become endemic,” Tom Frieden, a physician and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told a group of about 100 people gathered at the InterContinental Miami hotel for The Atlantic magazine’s CityLab conference. Miami Herald

Seattle Woman Selling Her Virginity: I Am Doing It For Family
At 20, Seattle woman Katherine Stone decided to auction off her virginity at a Nevada brothel. Speaking with CNN’s Lisa Ling recently, Stone said she found herself in dire financial straits after her family’s home was destroyed in a 2014 fire. Prostitution was her solution. "People say you are supposed to do it for love," Stone said, according to the CNN report. "But if you think about it, I am doing it because I love my family." Stone was featured in a Sunday’s episode of “This is Life with Lisa Ling.” Ling and her crew heard from brothel operators and workers in Nevada as they explored America's attempt at legal prostitution. The report on Nevada’s legal brothels drew criticism from prostitution opponents. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which often rails against pornography and sexually oriented content, described the piece as “appalling.” The leading bid to have sex with Stone was over $400,000 at the time Ling’s report aired. Stone said the money will provide her with economic security so far denied her. SF Gate

Some Adult Brain Cells May Be Vulnerable To Zika Infection: Study
Certain brain cells in adults may be vulnerable to damage from Zika infection, research with mice suggests. These stem cells replace lost or damaged neurons throughout adulthood. And they are believed to be critical to learning and memory, according to the scientists at The Rockefeller University in New York City and the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in California. "This is the first study looking at the effect of Zika infection on the adult brain," said Joseph Gleeson, head of the Laboratory of Pediatric Brain Disease at Rockefeller. UPI

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UN: Mediterranean Three Times More Deadly Than 2015
At least 3,740 refugees and migrants have perished in the Mediterranean so far this year, nearly matching the death toll for all of 2015 when three times as many people took to the seas, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said on Tuesday. UNHCR spokesman William Spindler voiced alarm at the high death toll among 327,800 people crossing this year, against 3,771 who died among more than one million last year. "This is by far the worse we ever have seen in the Mediterranean," Spindler told a news briefing in Geneva. "We can say the death rate has increased three-fold." Jerusalem Post

Mosul Battle: UN Receives Reports Of IS Atrocities
UN human rights staff have received reports of atrocities being committed by Islamic State militants as Iraqi government forces close in on Mosul. In one case, three women and three children were allegedly shot dead after trailing behind while being forced to march from one village to another. Elsewhere, 15 civilians were reportedly killed and their bodies thrown into a river in an attempt to spread terror. The UN says this reinforces fears that IS will use civilians as human shields. BBC

Which Country Is The Most Generous In The World?
A war-torn state and a country ruled by an oppressive military junta for decades are home to the world's most generous people, research suggests. People in Iraq are the kindest to strangers, while Myanmar's residents give the most away, according to the CAF World Giving Index 2016. In the last month, eight in 10 Iraqis have helped someone they don't know, with Libyans helping almost as many. During the same period, 91% of those in Myanmar have given money to charity. In comparison, 63% of Americans - the second most generous overall - have donated money, with 73% helping a stranger. BBC

Paul Beatty Wins Man Booker Prize 2016
Paul Beatty has become the first American writer to win the Man Booker prize, for a caustic satire on US racial politics that judges said put him up there with Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift. The 54-year-old Los Angeles-born writer won for The Sellout, a laugh-out-loud novel whose main character wants to assert his African American identity by, outrageously and transgressively, bringing back slavery and segregation. Beatty has admitted readers might find it a difficult book to digest but the historian Amanda Foreman, who chaired this year’s judging panel, said that was no bad thing. Guardian

Why Hillary Clinton's Plans For No-Fly Zones In Syria Could Provoke US-Russia Conflict
Retired senior US military pilots are increasingly alarmed that Hillary Clinton’s proposal for “no-fly zones” in Syria could lead to a military confrontation with Russia that could escalate to levels that were previously unthinkable in the post-cold war world. The former strategists spoke to the Guardian as Clinton’s Republican rival Donald Trump warned that Clinton’s proposal to establish “safe zones” to protect beleaguered Syrian civilians would “lead to world war three”. The proposal of no-fly zones has been fiercely debated in Washington for the past five years, but has never attracted significant enthusiasm from the military because of the risk to pilots from Syrian air defenses and the presence of Russian warplanes. Guardian

Donald Trump Denies 'Phony'Polls, Says 'We're Actually Winning': Tuesday Morning US Election Briefing
Donald Trump yesterday claimed that the multiple opinion polls from the "disgusting" media, which have him way behind Hillary Clinton, were "phony". "I believe we're actually winning," the Republican nominee told a crowd in Florida, showing no signs of softening his combative rhetoric. "It's a rigged system," he added.  "The media isn't just against me. They're against all of you," he later told supporters in St Augustine. "They're against what we represent." He claimed that his campaign was "bigger than Brexit" and that his supporters' voices would be heard around the world. Telegraph

Donald Trump Campaigner Boasted Of 'Suppressing' African American And 'Suburban Mum' Voters
Supporters of Donald Trump are engaging in a "voter suppression" strategy under which pro-Clinton "African Americans and suburban mums" are being persuaded not to vote, a campaigner told undercover Telegraph reporters. A senior figure involved in funding efforts to support the billionaire’s campaign against Hillary Clinton boasted of how activists had adopted a scheme to “try to drop her turn-out two or three points” in key areas of the country. The disclosure appears to confirm suspicions that pro-Trump campaigners have been deliberately focusing on dissuading groups of Clinton supporters from voting. Separately, Mr Trump’s own claims that the election is “rigged” and that his supporters should monitor specific areas on polling day for potential fraud have been alleged by Democrats to be intended to create a climate of harassment to prevent Clinton voters "from showing up”. Telegraph

‘We Have To Do The Right Thing,’ Deputy UN Chief Says On Intensified Response To Cholera Outbreak In Haiti
Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson today urged the international community to show solidarity with the Haitian people as they struggle to cope with the impact Hurricane Matthew and an ongoing cholera epidemic, particularly through financial support for the new United Nations system-wide approach to tackle the spread of the disease. In an interview today with the UN News Service, Mr. Eliasson shared the UN’s progress on the response to cholera in Haiti, noting improvements that he said reflected profound commitment and devotion from the response team, and which he hoped would create a sense of solidarity for the people of Haiti. UN News

Women Must Have Their ‘Rightful Place’ At The Heart Of Building Peace And Security – UN Chief
The urgent drive to bring women into their rightful place at the heart of building peace and security “must never stop,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council today, calling for key steps towards that goal, including holding all UN peace operations accountable for putting women and girls at the centre of their work. “Women have a vital role to play in preventing conflict and building and maintaining peace. But although this is now widely recognized, far too often, women are prevented from full participation in peacemaking and peacebuilding,” Mr. Ban said during an annual open debate on women, peace and security. “We are all suffering from the effects of this deficit,” he added. UN News

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