Keith Rush - Biography
 Keith began his broadcasting career on Febuary 16, 1952 at the age of 20 left New Orleans for full time position, KLOU in Lake Charles, Louisiana... Keith is considered by many as the "Father of Talk Radio" in New Orleans, Louisiana. 1st "Honorary" member of LSU statewide Alumni Association in history of LSU. Received many awards, but most proud of Freedom's Foundation Award 1972 for fight against "Filth" in radio and television. Representatives came to New Orleans Louisiana to make the presentation. During period 1953 - 1956 (still broadcasting) booked acts on the Louisiana Hayride, such as George Jones, Johnny Cash, The Browns and brought Elvis Presley to New Orleans (1954) for 1st apperance ever. (Lost Money)   1957 - 1959 United States Army 4th Infantry Division Fort Lewis Washington, 2 years active duty.
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President Donald Trump on Wednesday named Robert O'Brien, his chief hostage negotiator and an establish figure in Republican policy circles, as his new ... Las Vegas Sun
Iran’s supreme leader personally approved devastating airstrikes on Saudi oil facilities – but insisted that Iran be able to plausibly deny the attacks, according to a new report Wednesday evening. The alleged sign-off by Ayatollah Ali Khameni was revealed by a US official, New York Post
VOA VIEW: This is bad for Iran.
During a visit to the US-Mexico border wall, President Trump autographed one of the posts of the wall with a Sharpie. Video and online photos show Trump signing a section of the wall in Otay Mesa, California, following a press conference there. “At invitation of the construction personnel, Pres Trump pulls out a Sharpie and... New York Post


As he runs for president, Joseph R. Biden Jr. has trumpeted his ability to work with Republicans, including Mitch McConnell. Others in his party view that as antiquated and unrealistic. New York Times
VOA VIEW: There is no good will by any party to any other party.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized on Wednesday for wearing brownface makeup to a costume party in 2001, an image that could undermine his chances for re-election with less than five weeks to go before the national election. Rueters
VOA VIEW: Not good.
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States supports Saudi Arabia's "right to defend itself" and said Iran's behavior would "not be tolerated" in a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a statement on his official Twitter account on Thursday. Rueters
It's Beto O'Rourke vs. the National Rifle Association in the latest gun buyback feud.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: O'Rourke is a fool.
Promoting his mandatory gun buy-back program during last week's Democratic debate, O'Rourke said: “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15."        USA Today
VOA VIEW: O'Rourke is an idiot.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is gaining on Joseph R. Biden in the Democratic presidential race and, of course, she has a plan to beat him: Shatter the image of the former vice president as heir to the Obama legacy. The senator from Massachusetts is offering Democrats an Obama-esque vision that Mr. ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Warren's rise show how dumb and desperate Dems are.


President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he was ordering his Treasury secretary to increase sanctions on Iran following the attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. ABC
VOA VIEW: There is very little else that can be done.
Some benefits have been shifted to being covered by a union fund. ABC
After a decade of mesmerizing world leaders, subduing his rivals and eking out dramatic election victories, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political future is suddenly in doubt ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberal wishful thinking.
Missile and drone debris shows Yemen was not the source of the assaults, Saudi Arabia says. BBC
VOA VIEW: Iran has a lot to be concerned.

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The Finnish PM says EU leaders need written proposals by the end of September - and France's Emmanuel Macron agrees. BBC
The US central bank has cut interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, but is split over future moves. BBC
VOA VIEW: There was little choice.
Markey has been endorsed by Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez CBS
VOA VIEW: Cortez is worth very little.


President Trump is vowing to block an auto emissions rule in California that would put in place stricter regulations than at the federal level. Meanwhile, world leaders are preparing to meet in New York City for the U.N.'s landmark climate summit. Mark Hertsgaard, environmental correspondent for The Nation, joins CBSN to discuss what could be the most significant week for climate change since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015. CBS
A new national Democratic primary poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren breaking away from the large field of candidates. CBS
VOA VIEW: Liberal fools poll.
For the past six years, Facebook has tried over and over to release a hardware product that consumers will want, and it has never succeeded. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Facebook is a danger to all.
CBS, CNN and other media companies are pulling e-cigarette ads off their airways, as the death toll from a mysterious vaping-related illness climbs. CNBC
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he does not see the Fed using negative interest rates in the future. CNBC

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In the 46 years since abortion was legalized nationwide, the country has never seen abortion rates this low. CNN
The nearly 50,000 striking General Motors workers are just the beginning. Soon hundreds of thousands of people could be off the job because of the walkout. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN liberal anti America wishful thinking.
Stephen Colbert asks Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if she "agrees with President Donald Trump on anything?" CNN
VOA VIEW: Warren has no true thought or ideas.

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The abortion rate in the United States reached a record low in 2017 as pregnancy rates declined and contraception use rose, according to the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute. FOX News
Ultimatum comes as sources say PM was ‘surprised’ by levels of checks on the borderBoris Johnson has been set a two-week deadline to table a plan for replacing the Irish backstop as further embarrassing details emerged of the prime minister’s chaotic visit to Luxembourg.France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, and Finland’s prime minister, Antti Rinne, told reporters in Paris that they were both “concerned about what is happening in Britain”. Guardian
Prime minister cancels trip to UN general assembly to deal with political crisisBenjamin Netanyahu and the opposition leader, Benny Gantz, have begun what could be a prolonged period of high-stakes political bartering after an inconclusive election in Israel showed neither had a clear path to form a coalition.Many Israelis hoped the poll, the second in five months, would provide clarity and pull the nation out of a political crisis. But the muddy results that trickled in on Wednesday appeared to deadlock the country instead. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Time will tell and Israel needs Netanyahu.
Jerusalem Post
The US Department of State said that Pompeo will meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss the attack and "coordinate efforts to counter Iranian aggression." Jerusalem Post
Huawei [HWT.UL] launches what could be the world's most powerful and feature-packed 5G smartphone on Thursday, but the fate of the device in Europe will hang on whether it can overcome a U.S. ban to give customers the Google software they expect. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Huawei can't be trusted.
President Donald Trump will visit a section of wall along the U.S. border with Mexico on Wednesday in a bid to illustrate his commitment to crack down on illegal border crossings as he raises money in California for his re-election campaign. Reuters
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday there were many options short of war with Iran after U.S. ally Saudi Arabia displayed remnants of drones and missiles it said were used in a crippling attack on its oil sites that was "unquestionably sponsored" by Tehran. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Trump must not show weakness.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill redefining some independent contractors as employees, depending on the nature of their work. UPI
The Senate Armed Services Committee approved President Donald Trump's nominees for Air Force and Army secretary, sending nominees Barbara Barrett and Ryan McCarthy on Wednesday to the full Senate for a vote. UPI
Facebook unveiled a new device Wednesday that combines social media with streaming and video gaming, called Portal TV. UPI
VOA VIEW: Facebook cannot be trusted with any furtherance of their expansion.
President Donald Trump on Wednesday said his administration will revoke a federal waiver, granted a decade ago, that allows California to mandate some of the strictest emissions standards for automobiles in the U.S. UPI

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September 19, 2019

     AOC will lose reelection. She’s a social liberal media superstar — but a survey of Democrats in her Bronx-Queens 14th District has found that Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is vulnerable to a re-election challenge.

     The survey, commissioned by the decidedly anti-Ocasio-Cortez “Stop The AOC” political action committee, found that 47% of Democrats in the 14th Congressional District view her favorably and 29% unfavorably, with 24% unsure. Asked if they supported Ocasio-Cortez’s efforts to “ruin the Amazon deal that would have created 25,000 jobs in the neighborhood,”  37% said yes, 35% said no with 28% unsure.

     Anger directed at Ocasio-Cortez over Amazon’s decision to back out of a deal for a headquarters and campus in Long Island City has created an opening for a challenger to pound her as anti-jobs and anti-business, said Dan Backer, founder of Stop The AOC.

     The Post previously reported that the anti-AOC group was spending money to gauge opposition to her in the district. Voters were also asked if they believe AOC spends more time focusing on social media than helping New Yorkers in her district. The results found that 40% said AOC is helping her district more, 22% said she’s focusing on social media more, and the remaining 38% were unsure.