Keith Rush - Biography
 Keith began his broadcasting career on Febuary 16, 1952 at the age of 20 left New Orleans for full time position, KLOU in Lake Charles, Louisiana... Keith is considered by many as the "Father of Talk Radio" in New Orleans, Louisiana. 1st "Honorary" member of LSU statewide Alumni Association in history of LSU. Received many awards, but most proud of Freedom's Foundation Award 1972 for fight against "Filth" in radio and television. Representatives came to New Orleans Louisiana to make the presentation. During period 1953 - 1956 (still broadcasting) booked acts on the Louisiana Hayride, such as George Jones, Johnny Cash, The Browns and brought Elvis Presley to New Orleans (1954) for 1st apperance ever. (Lost Money)   1957 - 1959 United States Army 4th Infantry Division Fort Lewis Washington, 2 years active duty.
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Bill Clinton Rips Sanders Backers' 'Sexist,' 'Profane' Attacks
Bill Clinton lashed out at "sexist" and "profane" attacks on Hillary Clinton and her supporters by proponents of Bernie Sanders, and accused them of harassing those who don't back the Vermont senator's campaign or disagree with his policies. Speaking in New Hampshire on Sunday, Clinton delivered an extended rebuke of the Sanders supporters, whom he said subject people who back his wife to "vicious trolling." He described a progressive blogger who wrote a favorable column about the former secretary of state but was compelled to post it under a pseudonym out of fear of blowback from Sanders proponents. CNN

Kasich: I Can Expand Medicaid Without Obamacare
GOP presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich defended his stance on Obamacare, telling “Fox News Sunday” that he would expand Medicaid and repeal Obamacare. “Ronald Reagan expanded Medicaid five times. I can expand Medicaid without having to have Obamacare,” said Kasich. “Now you say rejected Obamacare. There are a number of leading conservatives who say that's flat wrong because you pushed for the expansion of Medicaid, which is a pillar of Obamacare,” said “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “In fact, you pushed for it. You pushed for it so hard you went around your Republican-controlled state legislatures to impose it – expansion of Medicaid.” CNS News

Stock Market's Terrible Start To 2016 Just Got Worse
The stock market's terrible start to 2016 got even worse on Monday, with the Dow shedding 178 points and the S&P 500 losing 1.4%. The Nasdaq tumbled 1.8% and got closer to sinking into its first bear market since the one sparked by the financial crisis. The index is now down 14.5% this year. "It's just a stampede of selling," said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Wunderlich Securities. The good news is that the markets did make a big comeback from the worst levels of the day. At one point the Dow was down 401 points and the Nasdaq was off 3.4%. CNN

American Petroleum Institute: Obama Thinks Americans Don’t Pay Enough For Gas
President Obama’s proposal to impose a $10 per barrel tax on oil “increases the hostile campaign the administration is waging against the American consumer,” Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute (API), told reporters during a conference call on Monday. “It’s almost as though the administration doesn’t think the American people pay enough for gasoline,” he said. During a press briefing on Friday, Obama admitted that low gasoline prices “can be a good thing for the economy.” However, the president went on to say that the estimated $300 billion raised by his proposal is needed to pay for transportation infrastructure and the development of green energy sources. Reuters


Obama Asking Congress For $1.8 Billion In Emergency Funding To Combat Zika
President Barack Obama is asking Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to help fight the Zika virus. In an announcement Monday, the White House said the money would be used to expand mosquito control programs, speed development of a vaccine, develop diagnostic tests and improve support for low-income pregnant women. Zika virus disease is mainly spread by mosquitoes. Most people who catch it experience mild or no symptoms. But mounting evidence from Brazil suggests that infection in pregnant women is linked to abnormally small heads in their babies -- a birth defect called microcephaly. "What we now know is that there appears to be some significant risk for pregnant women and women who are thinking about having a baby," Obama said in an interview aired Monday on "CBS This Morning." Fox News

National Security Agency Merging Offensive, Defensive Hacking Operations
The U.S. National Security Agency on Monday outlined a reorganization that will consolidate its spying and domestic cyber-security operations, despite recommendations by a presidential panel that the agency focus solely on espionage. The NSA said the reorganization, known as “NSA21,” or NSA in the 21st century, will take two years to complete, well into the first term of whoever is elected president in November. A review board appointed by President Barack Obama recommended in December 2013 that the NSA concentrate solely on foreign intelligence gathering. The board's recommendations came as the United States was reeling from disclosures from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the collection of vast amounts of domestic and international communications data. Reuters

Donald Trump Schedules Campaign Rally Thursday In Baton Rouge
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will make his first campaign appearance in Louisiana this week. Trump, who has remained in the top of the GOP field of presidential hopefuls, will appear in Baton Rouge Thursday night at the Baton Rouge River Center. Organizers said doors will open at 5 p.m. The event is set to begin at 7 p.m. Additional details about the campaign appearance have not been released. Tickets for the event can be obtained online. Thursday's event marks Trump's first appearance in the state. The presidential hopeful leads in the polls before Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire. MSNBC


Pentagon Confirms North Korea Launched Satellite Into Orbit
The Pentagon confirmed Monday that North Korea has successfully launched a satellite or similar device into orbit, as the U.S. and its allies weigh how to respond to the provocative act. “We've been able to determine that they were able to put a satellite or some space device into orbit,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said. He said the Pentagon will, in light of this, begin “formal consultations” with South Korea over improvements to their own missile defense systems. “We'd like to see this move as quickly as possible, but we're beginning the consultations now in the coming days with the South Koreans and we expect that this will move in an expeditious fashion,” Cook said. Fox News

Zika-Suspected Brain Defects Puzzle Doctors
Experts on microcephaly, the birth defect that has sparked alarm in the current Zika virus outbreak, say they are struck by the severity of a small number of cases they have reviewed from Brazil. Consultations among doctors in Brazil and the United States have increased in the last two weeks, and some of the leading authorities on the condition are finding patterns of unusual devastation in scans of the newborns' malformed brains. While it's not known how representative the scans are, the early observations of these doctors point to a tough road ahead for the babies, their families and their communities and heighten the concern surrounding Zika, which is suspected of causing microcephaly. MSNBC

How Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is On The Verge Of Imploding After N.H. — Again
The Clinton camp will reassess its national campaign after New Hampshire, with some insiders telling Politico Bill and Hillary Clinton are unhappy with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign messaging and digital strategy and they are considering staff changes. Mrs. Clinton is expected to lose the first in the nation primary in New Hampshire Tuesday to Sen. Bernard Sanders, according to several polls. Still reeling from her narrow victory in Iowa, instead of re-evaluating her campaign strategy after the first four primary states, insiders tell Politico the reassessment could come sooner. Washington Times

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4th Patient Dies In Hospital Mold Outbreak
A fourth transplant patient who contracted a fungal infection during a mold outbreak outbreak at a western Pennsylvania hospital has died, officials said Sunday. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center confirmed the death of Che DuVall, a 70-year-old retired glass cutter who was diagnosed with the infection in September, a month after undergoing a double lung transplant. "We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, as well as to our doctors and nurses who have worked with great compassion and skill to care for him," UPMC spokeswoman Allison Hydzik said in a statement. "We again want to reassure our patients that we have taken every possible precaution to make our hospitals as safe as is humanly possible and have followed all recommendations made by federal and state regulators." CBS

Concussions May Increase Suicide Risk
The risks of suffering a concussion have been under the spotlight in recent years, especially as the degenerative neurological illness known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has been found in multiple football players after their deaths. The degenerative disease is believed to be linked to brain trauma, including concussions. Now, a new study has found that concussions may also be associated with an increase in the long-term risk of suicide. Experts have long known that a severe, traumatic brain injury raises the risk of suicide, but this study sheds more light on how concussions, a common mild head injury, may impact overall suicide risk. ABC

Remaining Occupiers Release Defiant Videos Mocking FBI
The last four occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge have posted a series of defiant videos in which one of them calls FBI agents losers, shows a defensive perimeter they have built and takes a joyride in a government vehicle. The videos were posted Sunday on a YouTube channel called Defend Your Base, which the armed group has been using to give live updates. The holdouts are among 16 people charged with conspiracy to interfere with federal workers in the armed standoff over federal land policy that has surpassed five weeks. In one of the new videos, occupier David Fry says the FBI told him he faces additional charges because of defensive barricades the four have built. ABC


Trump Goes To His Safe Place: Picks On ‘Laughingstock’ Jeb Bush
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday that 2016 rival Jeb Bush is “desperate,” “pathetic,” “an embarrassment to his family,” and that Mr. Bush “goes away like a little sheep” when Mr. Trump hits back at him. “He’s a desperate person,” Mr. Trump said on CNN. “He’s a pathetic person — he doesn’t even use his last name in his ads. He’s a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. I mean, this guy is … a nervous wreck. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Washington Times

Donald Trump Campaign Promised Money To Veterans Group For Campaign Appearance
Donald Trump's presidential campaign offered to present a veterans charity with a six-figure check last week if they appeared on stage at a New Hampshire campaign rally, the vets group confirmed to CBS News. Liberty House executive director Keith Howard told CBS that Trump's campaign called him Friday asking if he would appear at a Londonderry, New Hampshire rally on Monday -- just one day before state residents are scheduled to vote in the nation's first primary contest. The GOP front-runner, Howard was told, would hand over a six-figure check to the charity on the event stage. Despite the campaign's attempts -- first reported by The Daily Beast -- to cajole Liberty House into appearing at Trump's rally, Howard ultimately declined to appear. CBS

Here's What Executives Say About Possibility Of U.S. Recession
Executives across corporate America are being asked for their views on whether a recession is in the offing. Growth in the U.S. decelerated to a 0.7 percent annualized rate in the fourth quarter as companies contended with a slower global economy. The median probability for a U.S. recession in the next 12 months jumped to 19 percent in last month’s Bloomberg survey of economists, the highest since February 2013. As stock and oil prices slide, executives are offering their perspectives on the economy in conversations with analysts and investors. These comments were collected by Bloomberg from earnings calls, meetings and conferences the past three weeks. Bloomberg

Fed May Lack Legal Authority For Negative Rates: 2010 Fed Memo
The Federal Reserve may not have the legal authority to set negative interest rates in the U.S., according to a 2010 staff memo that was posted late last month on the central bank’s website. The document, which is dated Aug. 5, 2010, and was authorized for release to the public on Jan. 29, suggests the law that authorized the Fed to pay interest on excess reserves, or IOER, may not grant it the authority to charge interest, which would be necessary to take interest rates below zero. Speculation has increased that the Fed might consider negative rates in the next economic downturn, as concerns of a U.S. slowdown have mounted, and following recent moves to cut borrowing costs below zero by central banks in Europe and Japan that show it can be done. The opinion of Fed staff back in 2010 was that this would difficult under U.S. law. Bloomberg

Whooping Cough Protection Fades Fast After Booster Shot
Protection against whooping cough provided by a vaccine booster shot drops significantly after two years, and to less than 10 percent after four years, according to a recent study. Kaiser Permanente researchers said the Tdap booster showed decreasing efficacy in the years after it was given to teenagers who have only received newer versions of the five-part DTaP vaccine that prevents whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria. The current DTaP vaccine came into use during the 1990s, replacing the DTwP that had been used since the 1950s. The newer vaccine uses proteins from the pertussis bacteria, instead of whole inactivated cells, in order to bypass side effects of the original version. UPI News

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Trump Aiming For New Hampshire Win, Rivals Aim To Survive
GOP front-runner Donald Trump is aiming for his first win in New Hampshire's fast-approaching primary, while rival Republican candidates, including Jeb Bush, said their campaigns will go on no matter what the outcome Tuesday. Democrat Hillary Clinton, facing an uphill campaign in the state against Bernie Sanders, took a trip to Michigan. With the otherwise intense race for the White House seemingly toned down Sunday, it's easy to forget that this leadoff primary could be a make or break situation for several lagging campaigns. Las Vegas Sun

Cruz, ‘Super’ PACs Pummeled Trump On Iowa Airwaves With Ads
Donald Trump has given a list of reasons for his second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. But with voting fast approaching in New Hampshire, data from political advertising tracker Kantar Media reveal another possible explanation: Trump got pummeled on TV. And while he has been stepping up his ground game, Trump appears to be giving other candidates the opportunity to make the same kind of advertising assault that ramped up in Iowa. An Associated Press analysis finds that during the period leading up to the Feb. 1 caucus, seven out of every 10 broadcast TV ad spots that mentioned Trump in Iowa either attacked him or portrayed him negatively. In total, Republican candidates and super PACs ran at least 16 different television ads attacking Trump that aired nearly 2,500 times. Las Vegas Sun

Sens. McCain, Reed Criticize Navy's Littoral Combat Ship Program
Two U.S. Senators have penned a letter to top U.S. Navy officials criticizing the development of the Littoral Combat Ship program. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and ranking member Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., wrote the letter in response to a report by the Office of Development Testing and Evaluation on the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ships, which noted delays in the program's development. UPI News

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Abbas Calls On US To Prevent Further Deterioration Between Israel And The Palestinians.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday called on the US Administration to prevent a further deterioration between Israel and the Palestinians. Abbas made the appeal during a meeting he held in his office in Ramallah with US Consul-General in Jerusalem Donald Blome. Abbas and Blome discussed the latest developments in the Palestinian territories, according to a senior PA official. The official said that Abbas complained during the meeting about continued Israeli measures, including settlement construction, IDF “incursions” into Area A in the West Bank, arrests and the holding of bodies of Palestinians who carried out attacks against Israelis. Jerusalem Post

Cabinet Sparring Over Israeli Action Against Gaza Tunnel Threat
Amid Hamas reports of tunnel collapses killing its members and complaints of underground construction noises from residents in southern Israeli communities in the Gaza periphery, cabinet ministers have been embroiled in a dispute regarding what Israel should do in the face of Hamas attack tunnels that are being reconstructed in Gaza, according to a Channel 2 report Monday. According to the report, the discord involves Education Minister Naftali Bennett calling for immediate action while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon oppose such a move that could stir up further contention in the government. In one closed-door discussion in recent weeks on the Gaza tunnel threat, Bennett reportedly suggested that Israel not hesitate on initiating action against the tunnels Hamas is digging toward Israel, warning against more serious consequences in the future. Jerusalem Post

Canada IS Airstrikes: Trudeau Announces 22 February End Date
Canada will stop bombing targets in Syria and Iraq belonging to the militant group known as Islamic State by 22 February at the latest, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said. Speaking in Ottawa on Monday, he said air strikes alone did not secure lasting stability for local people. Mr Trudeau, who was elected in October, promised to withdraw six fighter jets from the region during his campaign. But Canada will keep two surveillance planes in the region, he said. It will also keep refuelling aircraft in the area and will increase the number of Canadian soldiers training local troops who are fighting Islamic State (IS). BBC

US To Help South Korea Develop Missile Defence System
The US will help South Korea deploy an advanced missile defence system as soon as possible, officials from the Pentagon have said. They say the shield will help South Korea offset the growing threat posed by North Korea following its launch of a long-range rocket on Sunday. North Korea put a satellite or some other space device into orbit at the launch, US officials said on Monday. But it used the test as cover for a long-range missile launch, they say. Officials in Pyongyang for their part are adamant that the test was part of the country's peaceful space programme. BBC

Young Women Are Feminists – But That Doesn't Mean They'll Vote Hillary Clinton
Young women who don’t support Hillary Clinton were warned in no uncertain terms this weekend by Madeleine Albright: “Just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” The first female secretary of state’s comments might not sit well with the intended audience, though. Surveys show most young women in America do consider themselves feminists, but they’re just not necessarily going to vote for Clinton because of it. Albright’s comments highlighted an apparent rift between two generations of feminists: those who lived through the second wave of feminism that lasted three decades from the early 1960s onward; and those who, according to Albright, are too young to remember the struggle and think it’s “done”. Guardian

Google's Sundar Pichai Becomes Highest-Paid CEO In US
The boss of Google, Sundar Pichai, has been awarded $199m (£138m) worth of shares, making him the highest paid chief executive in the US. Pichai, who became Google’s CEO in October following its reorganisation into holding company Alphabet, was handed 273,328 shares, according to a company filing, worth $199m when they were awarded. The new shares takes the value of Pichai’s Alphabet holdings to roughly $650m – or 14,440 times the $45,000 median net worth of US citizens as calculated by Credit Suisse. Guardian

Libya's Central Bank Causing 'Civil War' By Paying Rival Militias, Says UK Envoy
Libya's central bank has fuelled the civil war by continuing to pay state salaries to all the country's myriad warring militias, Britain's ambassador to Tripoli said on Monday. Five years on the uprising that overthrew Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the country is in a state of meltdown thanks to constant in-fighting among its different armed factions – who are all still on the government payroll. Peter Millett, Britain's ambassador to Libya, told a Lords hearing on Monday that the number of gunmen had multiplied since the end of the war because of the Libyan central bank's policy – which began after militiamen threatened the minister of finance at gunpoint. Telegraph

All Sides In Syria Killing Thousands Of Detainees In Crimes Against Humanity
Thousands of detainees have been killed while in the custody of the warring parties in Syria over the past four and a half years, with thousands held by the Government beaten to death or dying from torture and anti-Government groups brutalizing and executing prisoners in war crimes and crimes against humanity, a United Nations commission reported today. “Nearly every surviving detainee has emerged from custody having suffered unimaginable abuses,” Paulo Pinheiro, Chair of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, said of those held by the Government in releasing the report in Geneva – Out of sight, out of mind: Deaths in detention in the Syrian Arab Republic. UN News

Ban Condemns Arson Attack On West Bank Synagogue
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the arson attack on 6 February against a synagogue in the West Bank and called for a thorough investigation to quickly bring the perpetrators to justice. In a statement issued by his spokesperson, the UN chief condemned the attack, in which a makeshift tent being used as a synagogue and the scrolls inside were destroyed. “The Secretary-General also calls on all sides to respect the sanctity of all holy sites, refrain from any inflammatory actions or statements and reject the extremist elements that are pursuing a political agenda seeking to transform the current situation into a religious conflict,” the statement concludes. UN News

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